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06/19/2016 New album is out on iTunes!

#Navegandoelinfinito on Itunes https://itunes.apple.com/mx/album/navegando-el-infinito/id1124197716

10/04/2015 Recording

Working on my new CD

10/04/2015 Sense8

The crazy director in the Netflix series Sense8 by the Wachowskis

10/22/2014 In El Sr. de los Cielos

Playing Agent Andrews

10/22/2014 In El Sr. Ávila

Playing El Croata in this HBO series

10/22/2014 El Sr. Ávila in HBO

Second season HBO latino

12/04/2013 At the Cervantino Festival 2013

Playing some music at the 2013 Cervantino Festival in Guanajuato (Alhóndiga de Granaditas)

10/24/2013 No instructions included

In the movie by director and actor Eugenio Derbez.

10/24/2013 Amaneceres Oxidados

Interpreting Hernán in the mexican indie movie directed by Diego Cohen. In movie theatres now.

10/02/2013 We´ll play at the Cervantino Fest 2013!

12th of October in the Cervanttino Festival playing at Alhóndiga de Granaditas in Guanajuato at 8 pm.

05/02/2013 Fortuna

Filming Fortuna the TV show produced by Argos. Monday through Friday 9 pm channel 28 Cadena Tres.

02/07/2013 Filming in Los Cabos

Shooting the sequel for the short we made in Tulum....

11/21/2012 Filming in Tulum

Filming a short in Tulum

11/14/2012 Playing at Cine Tonalá!

Nov 23-playing at Cine Tonalá (Tonalá 261, Roma Sur. México D.F. 06760 Tel: (5255)52644101)

10/03/2012 Bataclán Oct 26th

Playing at El Bataclán- Friday Oct 26th-9pm (Popocatépetl 25 esq. Amsterdam Condesa, México DF)

09/18/2012 Conference at the Veracruz University

Sep 19 2012 - 17:30hrs Conference at the IV Coloquio Internacional Sobre las Artes Escénicas Casa del Lago de la Universidad…

08/03/2012 Foro del Tejedor

Next show is on the 25th of August at el Foro del Tejedor (Péndulo de la Roma) in Mexico City. 9:30 pm. Tickets- http://forodeltejedor.com/boletos/index.php?cPath=1_14&nombreEvento=Ari+Brickman

07/14/2012 Escapar in stores

My new CD Escapar in stores in Mexico or on Itunes.

06/01/2012 June 15th in Xalapa!

Playing at Tierra Luna in Xalapa. June 15th at 9 pm.



01/26/2012 Editing my new cd...

The new cd will come out May 2012

11/29/2011 Recording drums!

Recording drums for the new cd!

11/29/2011 Filming in Sonora!

Filming the mexican film Yerbamala....

10/13/2011 At San Miguel de Allende (Cervantino)

As part of the Cervantino Festival we will be playing songs from the Todo Este Querer album at the main plaza in the beautiful…

08/26/2011 Filming three TV series!

Ari is shooting three TV series: Revolución, produced by Televisa (Nov 2011), El Diez, produced by ESPN (Sep 2011) and…

06/27/2011 At Péndulo Roma in México City

Ari will play his songs accompanied by two great musicians:Juan Cristóbal Pérez Grobet on the double bass and Juan Carlos…

03/31/2011 Guadalajara International Film Fest

March 31 playing the songs from the CD Todo Este Querer at the Guadalajara International Film Fest!

02/08/2011 Ari Brickman in Xalapa- Tierra Luna

Friday 11 feb 2011 21 hrs Café Teatro Tierra Luna Rayón # 18, Centro Reservaciones: 812 13 01 cafeteatrotierraluna@gmail.com…

02/08/2011 Teatro Casa de la Paz Mexico City

TEATRO CASA DE LA PAZ COZUMEL # 32 COL. ROMA Mexico City, Mexico Más información Localidades *$150.00 entrada general…

01/19/2011 Ari Brickman in Xalapa

Dic 18 Au Petite Cafe

11/20/2010 Revolución the movie!

Cast: Adriana Barraza, Ari Brickman and Carmen Corral Made up of 10 short films, 'Revolucion' analyzes through the eyes…

11/12/2010 Desafío the movie in theatres!

The movie Desafío directed by Julio Bracho with Ari Brickman, Marina de Tavira and Rocío Verdejo in the main roles will…

11/01/2010 Ari Brickman at UNAM Radio

Friday 5 of November at Radio UNAM in Mexico City. 9 pm. Free access. SALA JULIAN CARRILLO ADOLFO PRIETO 133 COLONIA DEL…

10/18/2010 Desafio the movie at the Inter. Film Fest of

Estrenan Desafío en el 8° Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia Escrito por Redacción el octubre 18, 2010 Julio Bracho…

10/18/2010 Ari in Tapalpa, Jalisco

Returning from Argentina and Uruguay Ari will be playing his music at the Moon Festival in the beautiful Tapalpa, Jalisco...near…

10/07/2010 Ari in Toluca

After Argentina and Uruguay we´re back in Mexico this Saturday at 8 pm at El Baúl in Toluca....

09/26/2010 At Cheesecake Records in Montevideo

9pm at Cheseecake Records in Montevideo...

09/25/2010 Lindolfo Teatro Montevideo


09/24/2010 In Montevideo...

At Living in Montevideo...at 10 pm on the 24th of September...!

09/10/2010 Concert in Buenos Aires!

This Wednesday Sep. 22 at 9 pm at the ULTRA BAR San Martín 678 - CABA in Buenos Aires, Argentina!

08/27/2010 The new Fonarte store!

If you are in Mexico you can order the CD Todo Este Querer at the new virtual Fonarte Store http://www.fonartestore.com/global/show.php?ac=anonimo&ref=0&art=330

08/19/2010 San Luis Potosí!

This Thursday Agust 19th we will be playing songs from the CD Todo Este Querer. The show starts at 9pm and at the Centro…

05/01/2010 Lunario del Auditorio Nacional!

This concert is confirmed...July 6 2010 8pm Lunario del Auditorio Nacional (Mexico City). We will be sharing the evening…

03/21/2010 Concert at El Péndulo!

This Saturday March 27 at el Péndulo in Zona Rosa 21:30 hrs with Juan Cristóbal Pérez Grobet..... Cover $80

02/28/2010 Concert at el Bataclán...

Concert at the Bataclán de la Bodega (Popocatépetl #25 esq. Amsterdam Col. Condesa) friday March 5th 9 PM

02/06/2010 Among the best in 2009...

Ari Brickman and Todo este querer....among the 10 best cd´s in 2009! http://www.rockmx.com.mx/galerias/discos2009/discos2009-15.php

01/13/2010 Bienes Raíces (T.V. Series)

Acting as Victor in the new TV series Bienes Raíces every thursday at 10 pm on Chanel 11 in Mexico.

11/20/2009 Filming in Puerto Escondido

Filming a short about the mexican revolution...

11/16/2009 Golden Astor!

The movie Cinco Días sin Nora gets the Astor de Oro at the Mar del Plata film fest in Argentina for best movie.

11/13/2009 Mar del Plata

Presenting the movie Cinco Días sin Nora at Mar del Plata film fest...!

10/29/2009 Interviews!

Interviews 29/sep/09- 10:30 a.m. - REPORTE 98.5 FM CON MARTIN ESPINOZA, 1:00 p.m. - reforma.com, 7:45pm 88.9 FM CON EDDY…

10/26/2009 Concert at el Péndulo!

Concert at el Foro del Tejedor del Péndulo de la Zona Rosa here in México City. Sep 26 at 9pm. Playing songs from the…

10/23/2009 Interview Fernanda Familiar

02 oct 2009, 12:00 p.m. - 90.5 FM QUE TAL FERNANDA

10/23/2009 Concert at el Bataclán!

Next Nov. 7 2009 we will be playing some more music at El Bataclán de la Bodega (Popocatépetl #25 esq. Amsterdam). Juan…

10/15/2009 Concert in Metepec!


10/10/2009 Cinco Días sin Nora in Vancouver

I´ll be at the screening for Cinco Días sin Nora in Vancouver, Canada. 12 oct 2009, 4:15 p.m. - Vancouver Film Fest 14…

09/26/2009 Nora´s Will gets awards!

Audience award in Morelia, Miami and Austin. Best director in Moscow, Rusia. Best script in Skip City, Japan. Best film…

09/25/2009 Cinco Días sin Nora in movie theatres!

This next Sep. 26 the movie directed by Mariana Chenillo will be in movie theatres here in Mexico!

09/16/2009 Dos Mil Metros at the Cineteca

The film Dos Mil Metros Sobre el Nivel del Mar we made with Marcelo Tobar will be showing at the Cineteca Nacional here…

08/19/2009 Concert at el Bataclán!

Presenting the songs from the new CD Todo Este Querer at el Bataclán de La Bodega. With Juan Cristóbal Pérez Grobet on…

08/18/2009 Filming in Ocotlán Jalisco!

We are filming Amaneceres Oxidados directed by Diego Cohen. We are in a tiny town called Ocotlán Jalisco.

08/18/2009 Press conference

Presenting my new CD Todo Este Querer to the press. Agapi Mu Restaurant 11 am.

08/10/2009 Filming with Michel Franco

We filmed the video for the new single for Atto and the Majestics directed by Michel Franco.

07/09/2009 Filming at the Malayerba rally 2009!

We are filming in Playa del Carmen a short movie called Amor a primera vista by Mariana Chenillo. Only two actors: Irene…

07/01/2009 Filming Asesinato en una Lavandería China!

We are in Mazatlán filming the movie Asesinato en una Lavandería China directed by Eduardo Rossoff!

06/03/2009 CD realease party for Todo Este Querer!

We will have a big party to present my new CD Todo Este Querer. July 3 2009 at 8:30 pm at El Galeon (behind the Auditorio…

05/20/2009 Edward II

We are performing Edward II by Marlowe at the Jimenez Rueda Theatre. Directed by Martín Acosta. (Ends July 2009).

04/04/2009 Filming Bienes Raices (TV series for chanel 1

We are filming this new TV series directed by Moises Urquidi and Alejandro Lubezki.

03/20/2009 La Vida Muda

Monologue by Gerardo Trejoluna for which I made the music. (Until April 2009)

03/03/2009 Si todos los hombres del mundo

Every Monday at 8:30 PM you can see this play at La Gruta del Centro Cultural Helénico. At the end of World War II, two…

02/20/2009 We filmed the video for the song No Hagas Cas

We filmed the video for the song No Hagas Caso from my CD Todo Este Querer. We did this in Acapulco and Julian Baños directed…